How to choose the speakers

Is a kind of psychological quality, the sound quality is good or bad, we must first consider the psychological, and then consider the quantitative experimental objective. According to the auditory perception determine the pros and cons of audio equipment is not easy, because the hearing often varies with time, will produce It differs from man to man., love or not love the reaction, and change with time and place. Listen to the sound differences involved in the evaluation of human physiological and psychological auditory hearing, because the judgment ability of sound quality is not very clear, it is influenced by other psychological conditions, advertising will also affect the judgment, which involves many fields of art and technology, and because everyone has their own preferences for voice the subjective evaluation, and the It differs from man to man, cultural background, subjective preferences and habits, the accomplishment and emotional factors, so the poor consistency is very complex.

Listen to the audio program content should include the evaluation of the male and female language, piano, string music, orchestral music, percussion, male and female solo, opera, natural sound etc.

Sound evaluation can be used repeatedly replaying the same a program, if compared to the AB equipment, ensure the reliability of auditory memory, each program content should not be too long, often is not interrupted copies of a phrase, within 20s. Do not consider the melody, to focus on the quality itself. Because of the influence on the quality of large volume, so the sound evaluation must be carried out at the appropriate level, general 80-90dB, also need to exclude the interference of foreign audio-visual equipment and the influence of environment, interference factors and psychological evaluation judgment.

The timbre is correct or not, there is no tendency of reproduction of sound is very important, a good sound system, should be balanced sound, no obvious coloration, solid bass plump, powerful bass, treble treble bright clear, slender and clean, the overall feeling is not muddy, not hard, barren, level rich details clear, smooth and lively, realistic.



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