Expected in 2016 the global smart speaker shipments reached 5 million 900 thousand units

Strategy Analytics latest research report pointed out that in 2016 the global smart box shipments reached 5 million 900 thousand units, and in 2022 an increase of ten times, this is a new case, improve speech recognition accuracy by compelling and multi language support push. Amazon's Echo product line of equipment currently dominates the market, but with the Google Home in its first full year of sales, as well as other Wi-Fi intelligent speaker manufacturers began manufacturing and integrated into the virtual microphone auxiliary platform mainly to their products, this year's competition will be doomed to aggravate.

Strategy Analytics networking home equipment director David Watkins said, such as Amazon Echo and Google Home, such as intelligent speakers to stimulate consumer interest. With the Internet using natural language for hands-free interaction devices will be very attractive; although the current intelligent speakers still have obvious limitations, but the future iterative technique would solve many problems early and will provide a series of voice calls, such as travel planning, distance learning and the new medical case. In addition, we expect that the upgrading of voice biometric technology and voice authentication will help consumers reduce privacy concerns and make the device compatible with multi-user environment."

Although the future of strong growth, but the integration in different markets for smart speakers used will depend on local services related to voice platform, and voice recognition and natural language close to the real scene understanding. Instead of a smaller market entry barrier.

Strategy Analytics smart Home Furnishing strategy director Bill Ablondi said, "intelligent speaker of the low-priced products, such as Amazon's $50 Dot, is caused by the consumer impulse shopping, and will help to drive the use of technology beyond the technical group of friends have a fever. However, the new case introduced attractive manufacturers must, in order to ensure that these devices are not after the initial enthusiasm of consumers at home, put the disgraceful."

Other findings include:

Smart speaker market value will exceed $1 billion 500 million in 2017, and in 2022 reached $5 billion 500 million. 7% of North American households will have an intelligent speaker by the end of 2017 and will rise to 33% in 2022. The language limitations of voice recognition software and the problems associated with the localization of services will mean that other areas of the use of smart speakers will lag behind the United states. Western European smart speaker ownership rate will be close to 15% in 2022.



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